As a strategic data and analytics consultancy company, we add value to our clients through our variety of data and analytics services.

Access to accurate information in any business organization can help them make reliable decisions and stay informed about the business. We help transform raw data into business information, our approach is to ensure that data is properly stored, processed, and presented in a way that conveys the right information about the business. We also provide guidelines on how data should be collected, gathered, stored, managed, and present information needed to support operational, tactical, and strategic decisions.

We also provide analytics that provides insights, and deeper understanding of the business using advanced statistical modelling techniques to identify trends and patterns in data that helps in making prediction about the business.

We believe that with the right strategy in place, there will be right and easy access to information, which can help to streamline and manage process of making data-driven decisions.

Visual communication is one of the most effective way of conveying a message. Information should be presented in a way that is easy to understand and interpret. Our objective is to convey information in a way that addresses the need of everyone in the organization. We ensure that dashboards are properly categorized, and most importantly designed in a way to address the tactical, strategic, and operational needs of the organization. We use tools and techniques required to create dashboard that will be presented to technical and non-technical users.

Data stored in an organization could come from multiple data sources, which means they are stored in different business applications and sometimes in different formats. There is a need for data to go through various processes before they are consolidated. We ensure the right ETL (Extraction, Transformation/Cleansing, Loading) takes place before they are loaded in the data warehouse or presented for analytics. We profile the data to ensure they are fit for purpose and create an environment that encourages data quality which provides a bedrock to access to right information needed to make decisions in the organization.

There are various ways of presenting information in a business environment, and we ensure the successful integration of analytics contents such as reports, dashboards, self-service analytics, mobile reporting, predictive analytics, and other forms of analytics into the business application. This provides additional analytical capabilities in the business, which can be used to support business applications. The embedded analytics provides an environment where businesspeople can consume information and have easy access to robust analytics.

Embedded analytics if properly utilized can be incorporated into the organization culture for making decisions and invariably provides easy access to valuable information to make decisions.

We provide end-end to deployments of various Business Intelligence (BI) system, we develop a BI roadmap to ensure the proper integration of the business system into the analytical applications. We also provide documentations, training and resources, maintenance and support for each deployments

We provide range of remote services which includes data management, data modelling, data visualization, spreadsheet management, financial modelling, business process design, data mapping, dashboard designs, deployments, and various form of analytics services.

We create interactive rich business reports that is clear, attractive, and convincing to business people. We ensure that data is properly represented using visuals, and properly defined to meet the reporting requirements of decision makers.

We believe that the more equipped you are, the more valuable you become, and we have a mentoring program to help achieve this objective. We ensure that you go through extensive tutelage from our experts who will provide set of guidelines, directions, and design techniques that is required for you to succeed as a data professional. The mentoring programs are designed in a way to meet the demands of our clients, and to ensure that all the required skill sets are gained to hit the ground running in any business environment.


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